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security trends

What will be the new Trends in 2017 towards Security as a Service?

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In 2017, physical security services are predicted to trend towards offering more specific solutions as well as a higher level of integration and service. The thought is, instead of viewing physical security as a series of connected hardware and software systems, industry experts see a movement towards systems such as Guardtek that provide more of a security as a service.  Read More

Security Operations and Officers Management

The Top 10 Needs of Security Operations and Officer Management

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Security Operations and Officer Management tools are such a broad space that it is very difficult to determine what an end user and guard company should look for in a system. Sourcing the right application and related company to suit your needs is always paramount but looking to the future and how the vendor will partner with your company and help realize your vision is equally important. Read More


Trackforce Introduces CARES, our Client Success Program

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Trackforce, a software company who specializes in web-based and mobile app platforms to optimize the management of physical security services, is leading the industry in client support.  Currently we offer no-cost support, free deployment training, unlimited software updates, no annual maintenance fees and cost-effective device-based subscription pricing.  To better help our clients grow their business as well as create strong client success relationships, Trackforce is introducing a new program called CARES.

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