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Trackforce 2017 Year in Review

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I hope your new year is off to a great start! At Trackforce, we are always looking forward to ways we can improve the security and workforce industries. But with a new year starting, I also wanted to recognize some of the milestones we hit in 2017. Trackforce has been in business for over 18 years, and each year Trackforce has evolved to stay current with the ever-changing security industry with 2017 being no different. In the past year, we have experienced more growth than ever with many notable achievements. Read More

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A Cloud-Based Information System Can Help Your Security Operation Stand Out In 2018

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The security industry saw many trends in 2017. The responsible and successful business (even those that are not in the security industry) will study those patterns and adjust their business plans accordingly for 2018. This article is intended to highlight a few of the trends seen within the security industry and provide some useful insight regarding the importance of instituting a cloud-based information system into your operation. Read More


How Trackforce Can Help Your Security Operation Respond to Increased Threat Levels

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An increase in a security threat level for any organization, regardless of the size, is a serious event, and it’s one that will likely require a specific set of actions and tactics on the part of the security personnel. A robust security software platform, like the GuardTek™ solution from Trackforce™, will allow an operation to seamlessly perform the necessary steps to ensure their guards and the client they protect are ready to meet the increased threat level. Read More


Download Trackforce Case Study: Castle Management

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How GuardTek Connects Security, Maintenance and Housekeeping on One Platform for Seamless Operations.

Castle Management is a property management company located in the D.C. area that manages 800 residential units with over 2000 residents and visitors per day. Lorenzo Johnson is the Operations Project Coordinator and HR Representative who says: “We use it for everything and there is significant cost and time saving by not having to use multiple systems for all the different departments.” Keep reading to know how Castle Management solved all their issues through Trackforce.


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How Trackforce Can Help Your Security Company Compete for New Business

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The security field is one that has evolved tremendously in the last 10 years, and it continues to evolve at a substantial pace today. Mobile technology and security software have given security companies the capability to perform guard tours and integrate with other business systems like never before. If a security company is going to stay competitive in the field and gain new business, not to mention retain the business they already have, they’ll need to ensure that the tools they use are modern and valuable. Trackforce and its GuardTek solution has the features you’ll need to keep your company in the running when it comes time for your potential client to choose a security provider. Read More


How Trackforce Can Help Your Company Justify its Spending on Physical Security Operations

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Analyzing the return on investment is an integral part of running an organization. Large companies have employees that work year-round at justifying the expenses of the organization. The results of this research determine what kind of development stance a company takes. Oftentimes, a company will either find itself looking for ways to make capital investments and expand, or it will look for ways to save and cut budgets in an effort to stay afloat. It’s this latter situation that can lead to emotional layoffs and downsize, and even though it’s an unfortunate and often times necessary reality, it’s nonetheless a trying and unpleasant experience for all those involved. Read More