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Trackforce has an open API, allowing you to connect with other applications

The Importance of Having a Security Operations System with an Open API

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Some say that rules are meant to broken (or at least bent a little).

Few business elements benefit from this concept more than the software used in daily operations. The Application Program Interface (API) used in building software is simply the set of rules and protocols associated with that specific software. If those rules and protocols are set in stone then that particular piece of software won’t play well with others. That’s why it’s important to utilize open API software applications where you can in your operation. Read More


Airport Security Training & Quality Control Features Have Been Updated on m-Post

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We have more exciting news to share on the GuardTek software front. We are augmenting our Training and Certification module with new Airport Security Training and Quality Control features. We developed the extension and updated the m-Post mobile app for a client in the Airport Security Sector, but plan to share these updates with the rest of the GuardTek community. The new features can help supervisors collect, organize and retain training compliance and history for teams in the aviation security industry.

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Lone Worker Protection is Now Available on GuardTek m-Post

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Equip your security team with GuardTek and make employee safety a priority! Lone Worker Protection technology is now available on m-Post.  (Previously, only available on GuardTek Patrol.) The Lone Worker Protection technology provides solitary officers with assistance notifications for emergencies. These notification alerts are triggered by falls, device impacts, and other variables. This feature can help if your lone worker falls and can’t signal for help. Lone Worker Protection provides peace of mind to individual workers and stakeholders alike. Read More


New Features for GuardTek m-Post Users

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On the heels of our recent announcement about joining forces with PPM Perspective Solutions, we have a few more exciting updates to share. GuardTek m-Post now has new features to help keep your guards efficient and your managers organized. The new m-Post application is available for Android devices at no additional cost for current customers. Updating the application will not automatically change the application interface and features. After installing the update, users can select an option within the legacy interface to upgrade to the new platform. Read More

Trackforce’s GuardTek products now integrate with Perspective by PPM

Trackforce’s GuardTek products now integrate with Perspective by PPM!

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Trackforce has recently joined forces with PPM Perspective Solutions to offer an exciting new integration. Security Officers using GuardTek m-Post or GuardTek Patrol can now create visually enriched reports that are automatically recorded in Perspective PPM. This enables command centers to seamlessly process field activities without having to manually enter data. Read More

GuardTek m-Post

M-Post June 2014 Release

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The new m-Post Android interface brings more functionality right to your fingertips with best-in-class design. Our updated application presents a colorful, priority-driven display that guides the user through the application with a few quick taps and automatically pushes new alert messaging to the screen.

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Tour Mapping

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Guard tours can be displayed online, in real-time, as part of an interactive site map. The current location of the Security Officer is indicated by a little figure on the map, and by holding the mouse over the figure the supervisor can ascertain, in real-time, important information such as: Name of the officer carrying out the guard tour, name of the tour, start date/time, tour points read, tour points yet to be read, events that occurred during the tour (including pictures), etc.