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el uso de la seguridad física en la gestión de la propiedad

Physical Security’s Adapting Role in Property Management

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Property Management companies have a responsibility for maintaining building safety and security.

Through Property Managers, other staff and internal or contract security, these individuals are responsible for surveilling and examining the buildings on a regular basis to identify weak spots, potential problem areas and opportunities for improving staff and building performance.

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Guard Tour System

5 Reasons to Upgrade your Guard Tour System

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It’s winter, an excellent time to deal with broken pipes.

Reasons to Upgrade your Guard Tour System

Leave the paper behind and switch to a data-driven guard tour software solution.

The transition from old tech to new can be challenging, but it’s time to toss out the broken pipes and make the switch from paper – where you’ve been – to real-time software and a data-driven solution – where you need to be.  Sure, there are costs, but the effort required to turn around the proverbial battleship and the commitment to get-it-now-rather-than-later pays off at several levels and in real dollars.

Reason #1 – Make Your Money Work Smarter

How much time do you spend every day, every week, staring at data that tells you what you didn’t fix or can’t go back and change? When you multiply your bill rate or your aggregate staffing cost per hour by the number of hours spent doing repetitive, administrative tasks, the pain-to-reward equation is an easy hurdle to get over.

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Tour Mapping

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Guard tours can be displayed online, in real-time, as part of an interactive site map. The current location of the Security Officer is indicated by a little figure on the map, and by holding the mouse over the figure the supervisor can ascertain, in real-time, important information such as: Name of the officer carrying out the guard tour, name of the tour, start date/time, tour points read, tour points yet to be read, events that occurred during the tour (including pictures), etc.