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Once again we had a spectacular show this year and thanks to the many interested (and interesting) visitors to our booth!

This year’s highlight was the introduction of our latest real-time guard tour system “Sonim-Patrol” with its industry-leading feature set. Our visitors enjoyed the video depicting our CEO Guirchaume Abitbol demonstrating the ruggedness of the device by trying to destroy it, including driving over it with his car. He did not succeed!

The runner-up in terms of popularity was “m-Post” our real-time Guard Tour and Incident Reporting system running on Android and iPhones. People just couldn’t believe how easy it was to download the application to their phones and we had them up & running with trial systems that they could monitor over the Internet in about 10 minutes’ time.

Also “Inspector”, our 2nd Android/iPhone based application, did once again receive a lot of attention, as did “Post” our terminal based system. All of them, of course, use the same web platform, allowing users to mix and match applications to best fit their needs.

Thanks again to everyone who came to our booth and we hope to see you again next year in Chicago!