Guardtek has an adaptable template system that allows you to make customizable report templates, ensuring you receive immediate and meaningful information to better manage your business. From creation, implementation, operation, reporting and KPI´s; GuardTek has a quick and effective solution for you.

Creation. Templates can be created and adapted to each client’s requirements with many customizable options and specific configurations.

Implementation. Management can create and modify the templates through web based software accessible from any laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Operation. Both the web portal (Post) and the app (m-Post) have an intuitive design that is very easy to navigate by any operator (no technical knowledge necessary). Instructions can even be added within the template itself to minimize the need for training sessions.

Reporting. The Logbook is the log of all events and records all information in a single place, accessible via the web portal. Additionally, notifications can be set for each item to make the system notify you when something important occurs.

KPI´s. Information from the Logbook can be analyzed in different ways to measure Key Performance Indicators and directly notify stakeholders automatically on a schedule or in real time via the web portal.

All these features take your security operations to another level.