Airport Security Training & Quality Control Features Have Been Updated on m-Post

By January 23, 2015 Software No Comments

We have more exciting news to share on the GuardTek software front. We are augmenting our Training and Certification module with new Airport Security Training and Quality Control features. We developed the extension and updated the m-Post mobile app for a client in the Airport Security Sector, but plan to share these updates with the rest of the GuardTek community. The new features can help supervisors collect, organize and retain training compliance and history for teams in the aviation security industry.

GuardTek’s updated m-Post application will enable field supervisors to spot check against Agent credentials and work performance in the field. Supervisors can dispense and record ad-hoc trainings to agents, and report any observed operational non-compliances to the Quality Control Airport Security module. With regulatory training requirements constantly changing and with recertification intervals varying based on subjects, GuardTek can help supervisors keep accurate track of all training and re-certification needs. Training sessions can be scheduled within the module per site and resources can easily be enrolled in existing training sessions through the platform.

The new GuardTek Airport Security and Quality Control updates can help stakeholders and supervisors stay abreast of regulatory training requirements in the aviation security industry. The Airport Security Training module serves as a repository of all training history for airport security officers. Data can easily be imported from your security database to the GuardTek portal for a single global-view. Detailed officer information and full training history can also be easily displayed from the overview list page.

The new features will help security teams stay organized and ensure that all aviation safety rules and regulations are being adhered to. Aside from being incredibly efficient, the new features and m-Post update will help security teams stay compliant with aviation regulations to avoid any legal mishaps and to provide stakeholders with peace of mind.