5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Visitor Management System

Gestión de visitantes

A visitor management system can be a vital component to a security operation. For the business employing the security company, a visitor management system adds an additional level of security, organization, and professionalism. For the security company itself, having a visitor management system in its toolbox increases the likelihood of earning new clients.

But with all of the visitor management systems on the market, how do you pick the one that will work best for your organization?

That’s not an easy question to answer, because every business is different, and the associated security needs will be just as different. The key is to determine exactly what it is you hope to accomplish with your visitor management system.

The ideal scenario is to find a visitor management system that is robust enough to be able to handle the security needs of multiple types of business. The GuardTek™ solution from Trackforce™ is just that kind of system. Trackforce™ has worked with a large number of clients, implementing a visitor management system that has greatly enhanced the companies’ security operations. Here are a few examples of the clients Trackforce™ has worked with, and how they’ve helped with their visitor management processes:

  • A US security guard company uses GuardTek™ m-Post with Visitor Management to maintain security at a major hotel’s renovation. The system verifies individual contractors’ identities, tracks their comings and goings and provides a way to identify which rooms have been inspected using NFC and GPS technology, as all rooms look identical.
  • At a residential property on the East coast, GuardTek™ m-Post with Visitor Management streamlines entry for residents, employees, contractors, and visitors, while enabling the facility to ensure barred visitors are not allowed entry to the property. They also collaborate with the local authorities, alerting them to entry attempts by barred visitors.
  • A Museum of Contemporary Art uses Visitor Management and Keys/Asset Management with a self-registering kiosk for the staff and regular contractors. They register themselves, and the officers on duty give them the assets they registered for and access passes according to the instructions that are posted in GuardTek™.

But how do you really know if a visitor management solution is the right one for you?  Here are 5 questions you should ask when shopping for a visitor management system.

  1. How much do you really want to accomplish with your visitor management system?

If you’re simply looking to keep a record of who has visited your property, then any antiquated method of paper logging visitors will do. Paper logs present their own set of problems, and we’ll discuss those in more depth below. If you’re truly wanting to use a visitor management system to improve your site’s security and prevent potential issues before they can ever arise, a system like GuardTek™ could be exactly what you’re looking for.

With GuardTek™, you can quickly obtain important information like visitor signatures, a reason for the visit and even photos of the visitors. Administrators can increase the operation’s productivity by allowing senior security personnel to approve certain types of visitors on site.

If your facility requires badges for visitors they can be created instantly, complete with all of the info required for access to the site. Complete tenant or employee lists are easily created. Perhaps the most security-focused feature of the GuardTek™ visitor management function is the ability to detect and prevent barred individuals from ever entering the facility.

  1. How many of your locations will require a visitor management system?

If you only have one location to manage, most visitor management functions can be maintained on site. However, if your organization has multiple sites requiring visitor management systems, you’ll need a system that can manage all the functions of all the sites from one, centralized database.

With the GuardTek™ solution, all visitor information from all sites is available in real-time with a single click. GuardTek™ allows administrators to run reports on visitor info like hours of attendance, the number of visitors and recurring visits to each site. This information can be used to maximize productivity and effectiveness at each of your company’s locations.

  1. Does your company have a lot of scheduled visitors?

If you know who will be visiting your sites ahead of time, a robust visitor management system like GuardTek™ will allow you to enter visitor info into the system ahead of time. This, in turn, will generate custom forms and personalized greetings. Your guards will know ahead of time which visitors need badges or passes and they can have them ready to go. Your operation will run more smoothly and look more professional.

  1. How important is technology to your operation?

If you want to get the most out of your visitor management system, you should capitalize on the benefits of a technology-heavy solution. The GuardTek™ solution from Trackforce™ has advanced technology that will give users access to visitor info at a single click. The biggest benefit of modern visitor management technology is the elimination of messy paper logs.

Why is that important?

Paper logs can easily be lost, written records can be hard to read and the information can be altered and forged. Digital records prevent that. Digital systems also prevent information from falling into the wrong hands. An entirely digital visitor management system will ensure that no visitor forgets, or chooses not to sign in, making for 100% accurate records.

  1. How much visibility do you need regarding visitor information?

A modern, technologically-advanced visitor management system will do more than just provide a means for accurately recording visitors to your property. A system like GuardTek™ will provide instant access to visitor info, ensuring maximum safety and accountability. Visitor lists can be printed instantly and/or exported so that emergencies and evacuations will run smoothly.

Administrators can use historical data to plan for future needs. They can add resources and adjust personnel requirements at all of their sites to ensure maximum value and safety.

Take a good look at what your organization needs in a visitor management system. You’ll likely find that a modern system with advanced technology features is the way to go. Contact Trackforce™ today to see how they can enhance your security operation with a robust visitor management system.